How it works

Mix it.

Your high quality, fresh ingredients arrive already prepared. All you need to do is mix them together with the dressing or sauce and voila! Your salad is ready to serve.

Have it as part of a family feast or by itself for your lunch at work.

Heat it.

Your main meals have been cooked perfectly for you to heat and eat. The lamb shoulder and roasted chook arrive at your door vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness. Open them up, pop it on a tray in the oven to heat and serve.

The moussaka is prepared in an oven proof baking tray ready to heat and melt the top.

Serve it.

Mix it. Heat it. Serve it and impress your friends or family with a nutritious, greek inspired meal. When you order from Aly Food you get the instructions needed to mix together the already prepared food or to reheat the pita, lamb, chicken or moussaka.

And don’t forget to finish it off with some delicious, crispy and sweet Baklava. A favourite for everyone.